CanLNC Experts provides class action support services.

"CanLNC Experts Class Action Support Service has the qualities that matter to the legal community," said Ray Wagner, Wagners Law Firm. "Their team of experts are capable, timely and effective in reviewing massive amounts of material."

CanLNC Experts knows that accurate, timely and cost effective medical record analysis is crucial in order to understand case merit and to manage an effective and efficient class action. Our experts are intimately familiar with the medical components of the case and the institutions that provide assessment and treatment.

CanLNC Experts has the people, the processes and the systems to:

  • Provide detailed and relevant healthcare information and education to litigators including:
    • Explanation of key terms, medical physiology and identify best specialties for this particular case
    • Outline related clinical procedures and inner workings of related healthcare facility/providers
    • Assist with assessment of class size, potential claimant impact 
  • Provide medical, nursing, healthcare experts to provide opinion as required
  • Can lead medical record retrieval
  • Can be caring and knowledgable contact for claimants, assisting with defining relevant care providers for medical records
  • Play a role in patient/claimant notice
  • Participate in or assume full responsibility for claim package preparation and submission

We are committed to unsurpassed service by providing:

  • A dedicated team of the brightest healthcare professionals
  • Rapid analysis and summary of large volumes of medical records
  • An intelligent work product that is easy to understand
  • Customized technology solutions
  • A national work-delivery presence
  • A confidential work environment that meets healthcare and privacy standards
  • A commitment to continuous innovation and exceptional service

Our teams of experienced Legal Nurse Consultants can assess large volumes of medical information quickly and accurately to get results faster than you thought possible. Our clients, which include leading Canadian and US law firms, tell us that our service is unprecedented; that we did what they thought couldn't be done. And we did it on time and on budget.

Our major class action experience includes work on the Propulsid, Miramichi pathology, Wai-Ping and Vioxx actions, and to a lesser extent on the Propecia, Zimmer, Stryker, Phospho-soda, Premarin, Lakeridge Health, Vitek and DePuy actions.

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