Announcing CanLNC Experts Case Merit Service!

As Canada's premier provider of expert witnesses, CanLNC has the expertise to know what constitutes a credible medical malpractice case. As we've done with our early adopters, you too can - as they said:

  • "distinguish strong cases from the weak"
  • "get help in framing pleadings"
  • "establish the theory of the case and the strategy to follow long before discovery"
  • "Clients need and expect this.  They want to know if they have a viable claim.  And they want to know that we are confident in the strength of that opinion."

Know - with confidence - the strength or defensibility of the case - at a surprisingly affordable price.

 The Case Merit Service includes:

  • review of relevant medical records
  • identification of key issues and material facts
  • identification of central and peripheral players and their medical/healthcare specialties
  • assessment of case strength/defensibility
  • discussion of important physiology, key medical terms and the corresponding standards of care
  • identify additional medical records required and expertise required for expert opinion/reports
  • a brief report of findings, or verbal only if preferred

Optional Services include:

  • detailed chronology of events
  • detailed educational material including medical diagrams 
  • specific questions recommended or expected in discovery
  • location and provision of applicable experts
  • discussion of probable long term plaintiff impact"

"I'm hooked. I won't start an action without first obtaining the case merit review from CanLNC..."

  Kevin Toner 

-Partner, E.J. Mockler, Fredericton

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"I've used CanLNC's Case Merit service several times over the past few months. In a busy practice with many potential cases, it's invaluable to know which cases warrant our focus and attention. An accurate assessment of the case facts, the strength of the case, the core issues, and the parties involved is essential to the decision to move forward or not. This is an excellent and cost effective service that I will continue to use again and again."

Kenneth A. Ready Q.C.
McDougall Gauley LLP, Regina