Here is a partial list of CanLNC Experts presentations and publications.

Newsletter - "Experts on Experts"

- June 2014 - ER Triage Explained

- January 2014 - Retained Surgical Items

Lawyers Weekly

- Prepping the medical expert witness

- Health records going far beyond hard copy

- Knowledge of emergency room practices is key to assessing liability, Part 2

- Timely interventions are critical to prevent problems during delivery Part 2

- Patient falls create liability issues for health care providers

Advocates Society

- The Nurses Role in Caring for the Head Injured Patient

- Tricks of the Trade - Brain Injury - Booth Presentation

CBA/Law Association/Law Firm Presentations

- How to Instruct your Experts and Prepare them for Trial - co-presenter with Paulette DeKelver, Weir Bowen, Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Conference, March 2014

- Demystifying the Medical Record

- Clinical Judgement and the Hierarchy Factor

- Strategies for Getting the Most out of Experts - Birth Trauma Conferences, co-hosted with Richard Halpern and Aleks Mladenovic of Thomson Rogers

- Fetal Monitoring Presentation and Update - Birth Trauma Conferences, Toronto, Vancounver, Calgary 2013

- Invited speaker to the "Western Canadian Medical Malpractice Conference" 2010, 2012, 2013

Electronic Healthcare Law Review

- Electronic Medical Records: Requesting, Reviewing, and Understanding

University Presentations

- Anatomy of a Lawsuit

- Litigation Stress in Nursing

Nursing/Physician Association Presentations

- Legal Issues In Nursing

- Bridging Law and Medicine

- Seven Reasons Doctors Get Sued

- Case Studies of IV Therapy Lawsuits

- Nursing Litigation - Lessons from the Other Side

- Your Best and Only Defence - Medical-Legal Case Studies and Health Care Documentation

- Lessons from the Other Side - Case Studies from Maternal/Child Lawsuits

- Lessons from Nursing Negligence Lawsuits

- Contributing Editor to the "Principles and Practises of Legal Nurse Consulting" textbook - AALNC (American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants)

- Keynotes/Presentations to: AWHONN, CVAA, CAPWHN, AALNC, CNA, CANN, Northern BC Health Region, Hamilton Health Sciences, AHS

Hospital News

- The Role of the Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Litigation

Canadian Living

- 10 Tips for a Successful Hospital Stay

Business Associations

- Human Resources - Tips and Tricks, Alberta Women Entreprenuer's Association

- American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants - April 2014 and 2010

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