Interested in Legal Nurse Consulting work with CanLNC Experts?

CanLNC Experts connects Legal Nurse Consultants with Canada's legal community. CanLNC Experts receives requests from lawyers all across Canada to locate LNC's from all geographical areas, all areas of clinical expertise and all levels of care, so we're always looking for good LNC's! We invite all Legal Nurse Consultants who have completed the online or four day ‘Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting' course to join our team. This is a great opportunity for you to ‘jump start' your career while you receive mentoring, help and advice from our highly experienced team of Legal Nurse Consultants. As a subcontractor, you are not required to work exclusively with CanLNC Experts. We encourage you to pursue opportunities within your areas of expertise and to continue to grow your LNC business independently.

To apply for work with CanLNC Experts you will:

  • Submit a sample of a written expert report for review, editing and feedback
  • Submit a recently updated copy of your resume or CV
  • Complete a questionnaire regarding your professional experience, computer skills and availability for work
  • Commit to being unbiased and diligent and timely in your analysis of the case facts and the formulation of your opinion
  • Be completely professional in all dealings with CanLNC Experts and lawyers

CanLNC Experts has dozens of new LNC's working right now! If this opportunity interests you, please review the website and email us at We'll guide you into taking the next step towards your career path as an LNC.

Thank you for your interest in CanLNC Experts. We look forward to hearing from you.