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The CanLNC Experts team includes hundreds of high performing experts that bring their skill to any project that requires an understanding of the healthcare facts. Our team includes Legal Nurse Consultants, Doctors, midwives, paramedics, laboratory, respiratory and x-ray technicians, medical researchers and IT and administrative support.

We provide mentoring and support as you provide invaluable, unbiased expertise in your role as an expert witness.

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"Over the last nine months, I have worked on five legal cases. My clinical and critical thinking skills have been stretched in ways I could not have imagined. I now mentor nurses from a different perspective, helping them to understand how significant the decisions they make (or don't make) every day can impact outcomes. CanLNC's 'Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting' was the best decision I've ever made!" Lynda Welch RN
Legal Nurse Consultant