Our vision drives us to serve our clients.

We see a legal system that is able to effectively litigate with ready access to cooperative, excellent and unbiased healthcare expertise.

We see a healthcare service that continuously improves and evolves with frank and practical lessons learned from healthcare litigation and patient centered care.

We see companies and governments utilizing accurate and revealing medical record analysis to provide low risk, high benefit products and services.

Our mission is to remove barriers to expertise.

Our mission is to provide easy access to excellent unbiased medical/healthcare expertise, opinions and knowledge to the legal community and other interested stakeholders.

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"We built this company on the belief that legal knowledge can improve healthcare outcomes and that medical knowledge can improve legal outcomes. With this in mind, we are passionate about this work as well as tireless educators of medical/legal issues to doctors, nurses, lawyers and the public. " Chris Rokosh RN PNC(C)
President of CanLNC