Company History

Established in 2001, CanLNC is a progressive and one of a kind company that is expanding to meet the needs of Medical/Legal communities around the globe.

CanLNC Experts is a division of CanLNC Incorporated. CanLNC Incorporated (previously Legal Nurse Consulting) was formed over 10 years ago when a lawyer approached Chris Rokosh - the President of CanLNC - to provide opinion on a medical malpractice case.  Since that case, Chris Rokosh has become one of the most sought after labour and delivery nurse experts in Canada.  As her reputation and clientelle grew, so did the demand for more nursing specialties. This resulted in CanLNC developing the nurse expert witness training "Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting" course - Canada's first and primary Legal Nurse Consulting course. Since then, CanLNC has provided training to hundreds of Canadian RNs who apply this valuable knowledge in their workplace and as expert witnesses to the North American legal community.

Growing reputation for quality of product and service then resulted in expanding the expert pool to include physicians, pharmacists, paramedics, lab techs - any healthcare specialty. The CanLNC Experts service now provides as many or more physicians than nurses.

Since then CanLNC has provided opinion on over 1000 medical malpractice cases, support of personal injury related class actions, provided input on government inquiries and many other cases.

We firmly believe that healthcare knowledge can improve legal outcomes. Quality, objective, diligent, and excellence in our expert opinions enable litigators to represent their clients with a full knowledge of case issues, related standards, and an unbiased opinion on the quality of the care provided surrounding an adverse event.

"We have extensive experience with firms of all sizes, and lawyers of all level of experience. We can provide support from the intial case merit review, assist with discovery questions, provide experts from all specialties, and provide a written expert opinion that is clear, consise and defensible - while ensuring you fully understand all the related physiology, standards of care, medical terminology and the case issues." Chris Rokosh RN, President,CanLNC