About CanLNC Experts

In 10 years, CanLNC has grown from a single expert providing opinion to an established and recognized leader in healthcare expertise and education.

Under the leadership of President Chris Rokosh R.N., CanLNC (Canadian Legal Nurse Consultants) has expanded to providing expertise to top law firms across Canada. We also serve clients in the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Our broad variety of healthcare specialties from across Canada is unique - we have hundreds of available experts - physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. We have or will find the expert needed to provide education and opinion on any case requiring healthcare expertise.

We are in a unique and valuable position to learn from our legal experience. Our extensive catalogue of cases we've handled has provided practical insights into improving patient safety and avoiding litigation.

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“CanLNC has banished that age old barrier to justice, the inability to find an independent medical expert willing to give opinion. This service is worthy for use by lawyers and their clients who want to know if they have a case, and who want to win it if they do" ” Ches Crosbie
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